5 Actresses Over 50 Who Look Fantastic (and How They Did It)

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Not very long ago, it was hard for an actress over 40 to still be considered a glamorous Hollywood star. These days however, some veteran actresses are putting these young starlets to shame with their grace and beauty, not in spite of, but because of their age. These five women have embraced getting older, but still manage to look so youthful without the use of extreme surgery. Read on to find out more.

Meryl Streep, 65
With over 70 films under her belt, you would think it’s only natural that Ms. Streep has had a little work done to keep her looking so fresh and youthful. However, she hasn’t had any surgery, and attributes her graceful aging to her strict, organic only diet. Streep has been an avid supporter of chemical free foods for over 10 years, even going so far as to become an activist against harmful pesticides in produce. Eating local, organic food is great for you skin as you won’t be ingesting any harmful chemicals or toxins.

Angela Bassett, 55
Angela Basset looks almost mythically ageless. When asked about her skincare secrets in interviews, she simply smiles and says that her secret is embracing life and eating healthily. She enjoys a steady diet of raw fruit and vegetables and claims that regular and vigorous exercise keeps her looking young. Raw food cleanses are a popular way to jumpstart your body and get rid of the nasty toxins that clog your pores and promote aging. However, before making any serious diet changes, don’t forget to consult a doctor.

Julia Louis Dreyfus, 51
Julia_Louis-Dreyfus_VF_2012_Shankbone_3 - Copy

This bright comedian has brought laughter to our movie and TV screens for over 20 years, proving that smile lines are the sign of a life well lived. Julia is a self confessed exercise enthusiast and says that her great skin is the result of her being an over-zealous sunscreen user, even in her teenage years. She also swears that the secret to aging well is confidence, and we would have to agree. Proper sun protection can dramatically slow down the aging process, so don’t ever leave the house without a bit of sunscreen.

Jodie Foster, 51
Jodie_Foster.4783 - Copy
Foster has aged remarkably well over the last 20 years. So well, in fact, that various tabloids have claimed she’s had a lot of plastic surgery. However, in a 2011 interview, she opened up about her skincare routine- saying that the reason she has aged so flawlessly is because she’s followed a three step skincare routine since she was a teenager. It’s true, you must never underestimate the power of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

Beverly Johnson, 61
Beverly_Johnson - Copy
This supermodel is famous for her youthful appearance, even in her 60s. She says that a combination of good genes and an effective skincare routine is her secret, paying particular attention to moisturizing. One of her favorite tips for a silky smooth complexion is to apply the liquid from an Omega 3 supplement capsule directly to your face first thing in the morning for a dewy glow.

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