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3 Dangers of Sun Exposure and How to Prevent Them

Sunlight is an imperative resource for life on our planet. We couldn’t exist without it. It has many benefits, and in moderation, it can be good for our skin, providing us with vitamin D. However, as with many things, overexposure can be dangerous to our health. As Portland skin care experts, we’ve compiled a few risks of extended contact with the sun and how to prevent problems arising. Danger #1: Skin cancer Skin cancer is… Read more.

Finding The Right Dermatologist

Finding the right dermatologist for you isn’t that different from finding any other healthcare professional. Some will have a fairly broad area of expertise and be able to treat several basic skin conditions, while others will have a more focused specialization. Some will also be more experienced and more qualified than others, and some through no fault of their own will not be able to form a good personal connection with you. If you’re looking… Read more.

Rosacea Treatments 101

Rosacea is a skin disorder that actually belongs to a class of such disorders; with some of the others being Psoriasis and Eczema. Although visibly topical, the root causes stretch far beneath the skin and result from disruptions in the immune system. These disruptions are usually called flare-ups, and can be triggered by several things – such as excessive (or even moderate) sunlight, smoking and diet. There’s Help for Sufferers of Rosacea Although the depth… Read more.


How Does Laser Acne Treatment Work?

More than 19 million people in the United States alone suffer from various forms of acne. So it’s safe to say we’ve all experienced a breakout at some point in our lives, whether we’re 13 years old or 33 years old. No matter what age you are, acne can seriously affect your confidence and therefore your quality of life. While the best treatment for bad skin is definitely an effective skincare routine, sometimes you might… Read more.

Vitamin D and your skin

Vitamin D and Your Skin

Vitamin D, also known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’ is more than just a buzzword you’ve heard a million times before. It actually has a bunch of really stellar health benefits and has been known to help a whole host of conditions, from depression and anxiety to osteoporosis. However, vitamin D is also really good for your skin and an invaluable tool in the fight against aging. Read on to find out why and how you… Read more.

Laser Treatment For Rosacea

For anyone who suffers with Rosacea, you’ll know how frustrating it is. The flushed and red nature of your complexion can severely affect your confidence, making it hard to go about your everyday life without feeling insecure. Of course there are a multitude of topical and supplemental treatments available, but they can only do so much. Laser therapy or light therapy is becoming an increasingly popular treatment for rosacea acne as it is a fast… Read more.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Hair removal is an important part of modern grooming, especially for women. It helps us feel put together and polished, but it can also be very time consuming. All the waxing, plucking and tweezing we do to ourselves also takes a lot of effort and money. Not to mention, it’s a little painful and potentially damaging to your skin. If you’re tired of having a standing bi-monthly appointment with your waxer and are looking for… Read more.

How Does PRP Therapy Work?

As women, looking good is an important part of feeling good. As we grow older and battle against the signs of aging, we are always on the lookout for new and effective treatments that help us look our best. A few years ago, Platelet Rich Plasma (also known as PRP) injections were popular amongst sports players for their ability to help heal wounds and injuries. However, celebrities like Kim Kardashian are now also receiving PRP… Read more.

Fall & Winter Skincare Tips

Fall can be a wonderful time of the year, but it can be hard on a person’s skin. As the temperature drops and leaves fall from trees, the air becomes dry and causes your skin to lose its moisture. Things get even worse once winter rolls around; the air at this time is drier than it is at perhaps any other time of the year. This can cause your skin to become uncomfortably dry and… Read more.

All About Cosmetic Injections

In the fight against aging, cosmetic injections are gaining popularity at rapid pace. They cost a fraction of what one might pay for a facelift, take less time and give immediately visible results. For a modern woman on the go who wants to look her most youthful, they really are a great choice. Types of Cosmetic Injectables The key to achieving optimal results from your cosmetic injections is a choosing an injectable that suits your… Read more.