Cosmetic Laser Treatments in Portland, Oregon

Laser Treatments

At Oregon Derma Center, we offer top-of-the-line laser and light therapy treatments that can effectively treat a number of skin conditions.  These laser treatments utilize Fotona4D’s state-of-the-art technology, which produces extremely fast results with little or no downtime!

What is the Fotona4D you ask? It’s the latest and greatest technology from Fotona, a world-leading medical laser company recognized for its innovative, award-winning laser systems for applications in aesthetics and dermatology, dentistry, surgery and gynecology. Fotona continuously chooses perfection to meet the demands of a highly demanding marketplace.


Sleep Apnea – Nightlase

Sleep apnea – defined as pauses in breathing or shallow breathing during sleep. This is normally caused by prolapse of the soft pallet tissue inside the mouth and esophageal opening. Many American suffer from this condition. Some people sleep with bulky CPAP machines which makes it hard for their significant others to sleep over the loud noises of the machine. Without treatment sleep apnea may increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, heart failure, obesity and other conditions.

Treatment – our Fotona laser has a Nightlase procedure and with 3-4 treatments can dramatically improve the air passage way making sleep apnea lessen or disappear. The laser is fired into the mouth in many different areas and the heat tightens and lifts the soft pallet. This is a painless treatment that can be done within 15-30 minutes a session. Sometimes up-keep is needed once a year. Most of our patients have found relief from this treatment.


Fotona4D Laser

Fotona4D is a synergistic, non-invasive laser treatment with minimal downtime and the ultimate results in tightening, wrinkle reduction, and collagen remodeling. It combines four different modes, each designed to enhance your complexion in a unique way:

  • FRAC3®
  • PIANO®
  • SupErficial™

The four modes are spread out across two wavelengths, Nd: YAG and Er:YAG. This treatment can be done in all seasons because there’s no downtime, and it can be done in all seasons. The Fotona4D is known for its versatility and precision.

  • Rick Jackson, MD, Ashbrook Aesthetics, Vancouver, WA

Conditions Treated

Permanent Hair Reduction

We offer permanent hair reduction packages for any part of your body.  By using the Fotona4D’s FRAC3®, Oregon Derma Center can provide new standards of efficiency in providing safe, effective, and productive hair reduction. The innovative system effectively targets hair follicles with a combination of selective and homogenous photothermolysis. The Fotona4D is also the only laser capable of treating, reducing, and removing blond hair.

  • Quick and Painless
  • Permanent Reduction
  • Never Shave Again
  • Able to target large areas like the legs and back.


Acne is a very common skin condition that affects almost everybody at some point in their life.  It can appear at any time, usually in the early teenage years, and can last well into adulthood.  Our laser treatments can treat acne more effectively than antibiotics and topical solutions by allowing for more accurate and precise control over the treatment process.  With our proven laser treatment, most patients receive 80% clearance of their acne in as little as 8 treatments over four weeks.  That’s three times faster than other treatment methods, and each session takes only a few minutes and 3 simple steps: Conditioning, Fractional Therapy, and Peeling.

  • Faster Results then Medications and Topical Treatments
  • Safe & Effective with an Average of 80% Acne Clearance
  • No Pills or Creams, Just an Easy 3-Step treatment process


Pigmented Lesions

Pigmented lesions are extremely common and occur in almost everybody.  Pigmented lesions are basically dark spots on the skin where there is a higher concentration of melanin, which is the substance that gives the skin its coloring. Some lesions are flat, while others can be raised.  They’re usually nothing more than a cosmetic concern and appear as moles, sun spots and freckles. With Fotona’s Q-switched technology, instead of heat, laser light is transformed into photoacoustic waves which mechanically break apart unwanted particles, such as pigments, so that the body’s own immune system can remove them.

  • Non-Surgical Treatment
  • Fast 20 Minute Treatments
  • Safe & Effective With No Downtime


Wrinkles, Fine Lines & More

As we grow older, photoaging can cause our skin to create imperfections.  These can include deep wrinkles, fine lines, moles and more.  We can treat these imperfections by utilizing laser technology designed to combat the signs of aging. The Fotona’s 4D laser light can penetrate deeper into the skin, selectively targeting your deepest skin structures like deep-lying veins and hair follicles.  Our treatment requires no downtime, can be done during a lunch break from work, and shows no signs of treatment.

  • 20 Minute Procedures Reduce Signs of Aging
  • Leads to Continued Effects Over Time
  • No Downtime is Perfect for Busy Schedules


Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation is both an aesthetic and functional procedure in which the inner and outer muscles of the vagina are tightened and the structures of the vagina enhanced. The Fotona4D can be used for a wide range of gynecology treatments like laser reduction of lesions, bloodless high-precision cutting, and condyloma treatments. The treatments are minimally invasive and are capable of achieving a never-before-seen level of precision.

  • Greater Patient Comfort
  • Less Downtime and Quicker Healing
  • Easy Access to Difficult-to-Reach Areas

Stress Incontinence

Stress Incontinence is a condition – primarily found in women – in which pressure within the abdomen from actions like jumping, sneezing, or coughing causes involuntarily emissions of urine. The amount of emission can vary from barely any urine to a whole lot. Stress incontinence often results from weak muscles in the pelvic floor or from a weak sphincter muscle. Based upon non-ablative photothermal stimulation of collagen neogenesis, Fotona gives greater support to the bladder by shrinking and tightening the vaginal tissue and collagen-rich fascia.

  • Effective, Safe, and Comfortable
  • 70% Improvement or More after only 2 Sessions
  • No Incisions and No Downtime