Summer Vacation Skincare Secrets

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Summer vacations are a wonderful way to relax,  but unfortunately can be very tough on your skin. The exposure to the elements, even after you slather on your sunscreen, can leave lasting damage. This can make  you look worn out and ashy, instead of rested and rejuvenated. Here are some simple tips to help you get and keep your healthy vacation glow this season, even after you’re back from the beach.

Stock up on oil free sunscreen
Sunscreen is a really key component in taking care of your skin as it protects you from harmful UV rays. However, it’s quite oily and can actually promote breakouts in acne prone and sensitive skin. Always check the label to make sure that it’s oil free before applying it to your face.

Scrub often
Hot and humid weather has a tendency to make your pores appear more obvious, so regular exfoliation is essential for flawless summer skin. Buy a facial scrub that gives you control over the intensity and add one extra exfoliation session per week for optimum results.

Stay hydrated
It is absolutely imperative that you drink enough water on vacation. Aside from the obvious health benefits, staying hydrated keeps your skin clear and boosts collagen production in your skin, which keeps you looking young. We also recommend purchasing a facial mist as they are full of natural minerals that your body loses when you sweat. Spritzing a little on your face will give your complexion a dewy glow and keep your skin healthy.

Stop redness as soon as it starts.
Looking a little flushed? Soak a facecloth in ice water, wring it out and hold it to your neck. This cools the blood that’s flowing to the face and reduces redness. This may seem like an exercise in vanity, but  it is important because over time, chronic flushing can lead to unsightly, permanently dilated capillaries on your face.

Go big at the beach
If you’re going to be outdoors all day, it’s best to invest in a more heavy duty sunscreen. Try and find a chemical lotion that has added zinc oxide. It will go on a lot thicker and be harder to rub in, but it will be water resistant. That means you won’t have to reapply your sunscreen every time you come back from a dip in the ocean.  A big, floppy protective sun-hat is also a good idea. Thankfully the bohemian beach look is very fashionable right now, so finding a chic hat won’t be hard at all.

Treat your sunburn immediately
Unfortunately, accidents do happen. If you get sunburned, the best way to curb any kind of permanent skin damage is to get the inflammation under control and stop the redness as soon as possible. Soak a facecloth in a bowl of skim milk and ice, then apply it to the affected area for 5-10 minutes to ward off a nasty burn. If the burn is slightly more severe, take some ibuprofen too and  apply some hydrocortisone cream.

Here’s  to a happy, healthy glow this summertime.

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